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To love or hate the sun: That is the perennial summer question

Summer’s here again, and these days, health-conscious Americans wonder whether to go with the traditional slathering on of sunscreens and sunblocks to avoid sunburn and skin cancer, or to back off those butterings at least enough to avoid the consequences of Vitamin D deficiency.

The following scenario is likely familiar to you—If you have light skin and are prone to sunburn, that is: You spend maybe an hour or two in the sun. Then, feeling extra warmth on your skin coming from the inside, you look down and notice that all your exposed parts are bright red (the “boiled lobster” look). Then you get that sinking feeling of having totally forgotten about the sunscreen and knowing that, even though you get in the shade immediately and stay there, in a matter of hours it will be horribly painful even to get dressed or undressed or bathe. After a couple of days, when the pain subsides, that reddened skin will have turned into an ugly, peeling mess. Finally, a week later, you’ll be pretty much back to where you started with that pale and vulnerable skin, newly resolved never to forget the sunscreen again!  Read it HERE

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