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NIH to test glycine supplementation in mice!

Glycine supplementation in mice. Followers of this blog are no strangers to the idea of glycine supplementation—as with sweetamine—to eliminate excess inflammation. And there is also plenty of peer-reviewed research to back up glycine’s anti-inflammatory role. Then again, even if most of the conditions that make people sick and die these days—heart disease, cancer, etc—are now know to be tied to chronic inflammation, no claims as to glycine’s ability to prevent such diseases can yet be made, because this must be proven through peer-reviewed published studies on lab animals over years and on real people over decades of time. Toward that end, the National Institute on Aging—one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)—has just decided to give us a good start by setting up a multi-center study on glycine supplementation in mice, using a protocol designed by yours truly.

Last September, I submitted an application to the NIA’s Interventional Testing Program (ITP). It is like submitting a grant application to the NIH, except that the Sponsor (myself, in this case) does not involve his own institution in the research directly: The entire study is performed at 3 study centers: at the University of Michigan, the University of Texas, and the Jackson Labs in Maine, by NIA-funded scientists, according to the protocol proposed by the sponsor. Every year, the NIA selects up to 5 dietary interventions that are hypothesized to extend the lifespan of the mice and/or delay the onset of age-related diseases. The Sponsor, however, has access to all the data generated, participates in the analysis of the data and is a co-author on resulting published studies.

Of course, the NIA’s decision to run the glycine supplementation experiment does not mean there will results overnight. Even intermediate results on the delay of age/inflammation-related conditions are likely at least two years away, but it’s a great start!


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