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Anti-Inflammatory characteristics of glycine Part 2

Part 2 consists of Dr. Joel Brind talking about glycine, the body’s most abundant non-essential amino acid and how it works to regulate your body’s inflammation, potentially preventing harmful diseases.

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NIH to test glycine supplementation in mice!

NIH to test glycine supplementation in mice! Followers of this blog are no strangers to the idea of glycine supplementation—as with sweetamine—to eliminate excess inflammation. And there is also plenty of peer-reviewed research to back up glycine’s anti-inflammatory role. Then again, even if most of the conditions […]

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Sweetamine/Proglyta take silver and gold at NJ Senior Olympics

Last month, at the annual New Jersey Senior Olympic Games in Woodbridge, NJ, Proglyta/sweetamine customer Lester Darmstadt of Long Beach, NY, took the silver medal in the men’s 65-69-year-old 200-meter dash, and the gold in the 100-meter dash. The annual state Senior Games are run by the […]

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Aspirin and Blindness?

Aspirin and Blindness? Aspirin and blindness, that’s what just popped up the other day in the medical news, from a study by Gerald Liew et al. in Sydney Australia and published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).In this case, it was an observation […]

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