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Dr. Joel Brind, Founder and CEO of Natural Food Science, LLCNatural Food Science LLC was founded in 2010 by Joel Brind, Ph.D., a research biochemist (BS from Yale, MS and PhD from New York University) with over 30 years experience.  For 25 years, Dr. Brind has been professor of human biology and endocrinology at Baruch College of the City University of New York, and an independent consulting biochemist.

Dr. Joel Brind and the Glycine Discovery

In parallel with his research on amino acid metabolism, Dr. Brind decided to take supplemental Glycine– 8 to 10 grams per day– himself, and made some startling discoveries.  Even normal aches and pains following strenuous exercise simply stopped happening.  Even substantial injury– such as a 4-foot fall onto a concrete floor onto his tailbone (ouch!) did not stop him from going out dancing that night, and being fully mobile and pain-free the next day!  Even a severe sunburn just started healing as soon as he got out of the sun, needed no treatment, and produced no residual pain and burning that night of the next day.

Having discovered such an amazing and simple solution to so much pain, immobility and suffering, Brind decided to share his knowledge by starting Natural Food Science, LLC as the best vehicle to make this discovery available to the general public.



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